California – San Francisco

After coming back from Puerto Rico, I had to immediately start packing for another week long trip. I had two days at home before leaving for California on December 30th. I was really excited for the trip because I’ve been wanting to return to California since my last visit 6 years ago and never had an opportunity until now. Big thanks to AJ for making this trip possible 🙂

While in California, I explored San Francisco, Monterey, much of the Peninsula, and even got the opportunity to spend a day at Yosemite. However, this blog post will be dedicated to the time I spent in the wonderful city of San Francisco.

Pier 39 – Right after getting picked up from the airport, I had my first meal at Eight AM, a brunch restaurant located in Fishermen’s Wharf in San Francisco. Three avocado toasts and a cup of fresh fruit later, I was ready to explore. The first place I visited was Pier 39, a busy bayside pier lined with shops, fun attractions, and scenic views.

My favorite picture taken at the pier.
Sea-lions! Spent some quality time (25 mins) watching them.
Taking flight
Caught the end of a magic show
Stopped to watch an amazing street performance as we were leaving the pier

Other than visiting Pier 39, I also went to Lincoln Park Golf Course. AJ took me there to get a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge from afar.

A great view of the Golden Gate Bridge found along the golf course path.
Lincoln Park Golf Course

Lands End – Ended my first day in California with a lovely sunset.




Golden Gate Bridge Hike

On the second day in California, we completed a long hike from Crissy Field, across the Golden Gate Bridge, and into Sausalito. After the hike, we took a ferry to the San Francisco Ferry Building. According to our iPhones, we walked a total of 13.5 miles this day. Below are some highlights from the hike:

Start of the hike
Made a stop at Fort Point, located just below the Golden Gate Bridge
The fort was designed to protect the San Francisco Bay from foreign attacks.
Right before crossing the bridge
Spotted dolphins from the bridge!
Hello from the other side! The entire bridge is around 1.7 miles.
Welcome to Sausalito ~
Doesn’t it remind you of Italy?
DSC02769 (1).jpg
After hiking through Sausalito, we boarded a ferry that took us back to San Francisco.
Alcatraz Island
Back in San Francisco!

I would highly recommend this hike. It’s fairly easy and very scenic. It took us around 4.5 hours to complete the entire hike (with many stops along the way).


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